Mill Tour

Bring a friend or a group and take a tour of the land and see how fiber is processed from sheep to cloth. Meet our flock of Icelandic sheep, walk through the mill and follow the path of fiber from washing to roving. Explore the fiber and dye studio to see how spinning, weaving, and dying transforms natural fiber into yarn and cloth. Then stop in to our store and take home some yarn and roving. On sunny days you are welcome to bring your knitting and a lunch, after your tour you can sit in the gardens to relax and craft.

Tour Information

  • Tours are scheduled for one hour
  • Tours are informative and educational, a notebook is recommended
  • Upon arrival enter the gate and park in front of the garden
  • Close all gates behind you
  • No pets outside of vehicles
  • Our animals are free to wander the land, please, greet them gently
  • Wear appropriate shoes for your tour
  • optional: bring lunch and your knitting for a creative time in the gardens after your tour. (no additional charge.)
  • Tour prices:

$100 per hour for up to five people $5 per additional person