Compass Rose Wool Mill

Connecting people, land, and fiber.

Supporting the fiber community through sustainable land practices, cottage industry, and education.


Who we are

The Mill

Transforms raw fiber into beautifully crafted batts and roving for fiber artists, connecting producers with customers.

The People

Is a collective of land stewards and artists focused on building community through land-based arts and education.

The land

Provides a foundation for family, community, and businesses to thrive.


What We Do

Fiber Processing

Why choose us?

Inspired by the land, sea, and sky of our Pacific Northwest region we have become passionate about supporting our fibershed: a web of producers, processors, shearers, shepherds shepherdesses, weavers, spinners, felters, and artists. We are working together to create fiber culture, clothes, and homes that reflect the land with which we live. We prioritize purchasing local fibers for blending, supporting our community, and weaving together more strands of this fibershed we call home.