Fiber Processing Services

Let’s get your fiber processed..

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Land and water are precious so we use sustainable washing practices and biodegradable soap.

Blending and Dying

Let our dye workshop bring color to your fiber or blend it with our diverse collection of natural and dyed fibers.


Lucy and Ethel, our picking and carding machines, will transform your fiber into beautiful products.


The prices below are based on fiber being an acceptable quality, see Customer Service Agreement for additional low-quality fiber fees. 

WASH: $8 per pound based on intake weight. For fine breeds and fleeces with heavy grease or soil that require  additional washes, there will be an extra charge of $1.50 per pound 

PICK and CARD: Based on finished product weight. Roving or Batts: $15 per pound 

FIBER BLENDING: Blending fiber is priced by ounce. No additional fee for blending fibers. 

Prices do not include shipping and handling or taxes.  

All pricing is subject to change, please check the intake form and website for the most up-to-date information.

Turnaround times are approximate. Most orders are 6-10 weeks upon completion of scheduled reservation. 



  • Average wool fleece dirty weight is 6lbs after skirting
  • 6lb x $8.00 washing = $48.00
  • Clean weight after washing – 4lbs (due to an expected loss of approximately 30% during processing)
  • 4lb clean wool made into roving (4 x $15.00= $60.00)
  • Total $108


  • Average alpaca fleece dirty weight is 4lbs after skirting
  • 4lb x $8.00 washing = $32.00
  • Clean weight after washing – 3.6lbs (due to an expected loss of approximately 10% during processing)
  • 3.6lb clean fiber made into roving (3.6 x $15.00= $54.00)
  • Total $86.00